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Where this blog might be heading…….  I plan to share All Things to prepare for Selling a Home! Things like organizing and decluttering tips for Sellers to have the home in the absolute best shape to present it to homebuyers! Whether you are a Seller yourself, or a Realtor that points their Sellers to this page, I hope it will be a resourceful, enjoyable experience here! This is of particular relevance to ME as we speak because my husband and I recently listed OUR home for sale, and it has allowed me a fresh experience of the effort and time it truly takes to get your home READY TO SELL! With a toddler and two big dogs, let me tell you, this isn’t simply sticking a sign in the yard, snapping pics on your iPhone, clicking POST, and letting it glide.




I’m also debating utilizing the blog as an opportunity to share links to listings of recent Realtor clients in order to provide just another outlet for marketing. When it comes to marketing a home for sale, every little bit helps! Especially when it’s not always possible to know where a specific internet lead might be coming from. So since I’m considering this, I might as well go ahead and share with you MY HOME listed for sale! It’s a wonderful opportunity to see my pictures, and boy, can I empathize with the work it takes to keep your home clean and ready at a moment’s notice!


I’m incredibly eager and excited to begin this journey, and I hope you’ll stick around to watch it grow!

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