What you might not have considered when choosing a real estate photographer

What you might not have considered when choosing a real estate photographer.


High quality photographs are essential in the selling of a home in today’s market. This is a no brainer. With that knowledge, there’s quite a long line of photographers ready and available to shoot your listing for you. BUTTTTTT!!!!!! There is more to consider!

Dependability – it is incredibly important to know that when you hire a photographer they will be there when they say they will be there and they turnaround the photos in the timeframe that was decided upon. Time is of the essence in real estate. Every single day that a listing is not on the market is one less day for opportunity.

Internet presence – Does a photographer utilize listings as an opportunity to not just promote their own work, but also give your listing just one more outlet to be seen on the internet? Pinterest? Instagram? Facebook? Blog? OR is your photographer an invisible presence? Does your photographer have a website in the case that the Seller wants to know who is coming and what to expect?

This is the doozy for me:

Professionalism – Sure, a photographer doesn’t stick around for the much of the selling process. They are really just a blip in the chaos that is preparing and listing a home. Having said that, how does it make you look as an agent to have a photographer that shows up late, maybe a disheveled appearance, or perhaps is sarcastic, unfriendly, or just plain rude. While it is a short period of time, it does leave an impression on your client. “Is THIS the type of professional that my Realtor aligns themselves with?”

At the end of the day, yes, the pictures are what you are paying for. But real estate photography is also a SERVICE. This means that you cannot deny that the entire experience, from scheduling an appointment to receiving a link to your pictures in your INBOX, is a part of it all.  Why not have it be a pleasant, possibly even enjoyable, experience?! Not just for yourself, but for your client.  What a way to kick-start your Listing Relationship!

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