Hire a Professional real estate photographer: the statistics don’t lie!


It only makes sense that pictures are the first thing that people look at when searching for a home…. and a study from Old Dominion University confirms (as discussed in an article by Market Leader here). If a house looks unflattering or bland in pictures, buyers are much more inclined to move on without digging through more specific details. BUT if a home looks stunning and visually stands out among the rest, buyers are much more inclined to view more information. A 2010 Redfin study discussed in the Market Leader article suggests that homes photographed by a professional photographer had 61% more online views than their competitors.

Even beyond the preference of attractive real estate listing pictures is the research suggesting that homes photographed by a professional are more likely to SELL FOR MORE MONEY than those that are not photographed by a professional photographer. The article by Market Leader discusses a 2010 Redfin study that suggests that professionally photographed listed homes sold for as much as $19,000 more than non-professionally photographed homes.

REAL Trends/Virtuance Study Shows Link Between Good Real Estate Photography and More Money

REAL Trends and Virtuance completed a study by top-producing agents trying to narrow in on why they felt investing the money into real estate photography was a priority in their business. Among these reasons included driving more traffic to their websites, feeling it a obligation to their clients, gaining more listings, and establishing a brand image. To boot, aside from scheduling with a photographer, it is ONE LESS THING you as an agent need to worry about! When it comes to listing a home, the less you have on your plate the better you can represent your clients!

All studies point to —->>>> Hire a professional to take care of your real estate photography!

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