Beautifully kept home in Aberdeen in St. Johns County

There is no greater joy in my real estate photography career than shooting a house where the sellers take full accountability and pride in preparing their home for the listing shoot.  This home in St Johns County, Florida is a prime example. Prior to a shoot, I typically forward a “How to Prepare you Home” list to my clients to pass along to the Sellers, and I know the moment I step into a house whether it was taken into account. (You can view some of my tips for Preparing your home here or email me for a PDF).  This Aberdeen home was in pristine condition: freshly landscaped, window coverings drawn, lights on, fans off, surfaces cleared, beds made…. they even had the toilet seats down!! What a Joy this was for a Friday morning! Anyway, this was one of those listing where I hope I did not disappoint because the Sellers definitely did more than their part to assure the home was ready. Please watch the tour here and enjoy!!


This home will no doubt not be on the market for long, contact the listing team (info in tour) for more information.

Real Estate Photography is a critical role in the listing process. Please let me know if I can help make the list process more enjoyable for you.


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