Beyond the Shoot


As an agent, you might ask yourself, “why not just invest in a high-quality camera and take my own pictures?” Sure you could start taking your own pictures, but if you want them to look professional, you will be spending a significant amount of time researching HOW to BE a professional.  After all, the key word here is “Professional”.

There was a time, long ago, when I was part of a real estate team back in Southwest Florida, I believed having a “good” camera was all that mattered. The Camera does the rest, right? Wrong. We used my images for a few listings… they were overly “sharpened” and flat.  It took a very delicate discussion from my husband, my teammate, to tell me that we needed to hire a professional.

It wasn’t until I decided to devote a significant amount of time to educating myself did I realize how much went into the PROCESS.  It’s not just point and click. The magic truly happens when that camera gets plugged into the computer (at least my process, all photographers how their own process). Light, Exposure, Editing, Blending, Merging, Aligning, Selecting, Cloning, Adjusting. All just a few commonly used words in the repertoire.  Every house is different, every picture is different. Luckily my experience in real estate (and marketing) has given me a critical eye that is able to narrow in on the right angle and how to create the ideal composition of a room.

Yes, you *could* take the time to learn the process of professional real estate photography. But wouldn’t you rather spend that time selling houses???? I think so ;-).

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