Homes keep on moving! Jacksonville real estate is on fire


I have gone to write a couple of blog posts here and there to feature new listings over the last few weeks… BUT I CAN’T KEEP UP! I just received an email from an agent that got full asking price on Day 1… I was literally coming to my blog to post about it so instead I’m here to say how booming this Jacksonville real estate market is.

You *might* think, “well, why should I spend money on real estate photography if it won’t even be marketed for 24 hours?”  That IS a great question, and totally respectable as well. There are plenty of people that take that approach. One thing to keep in mind is that even after a home is under contract (and even long after it is SOLD) these images will stay with the house and with the agent. Real estate photography isn’t just about marketing a single property for sale, it is also about marketing an agent and their portfolio of transactions.

But I DIGRESS! That is not why I started this blog post!

This “under contract within 24 hours” is seemingly a very common thread among many agents I work with. Jacksonville real estate is certainly in a seller’s market. Agents are on the search for homes for their customers because there’s not enough inventory to satisfy the demand! (Which also suggests a positive trend in another topic of new construction!). As I sit here at my computer there are 2 homes being built across the street and another 2 lots down. These homes that are flying off the market are at all corners of Jacksonville too: Jacksonville Beach, St. Johns, Orange Park, Arlington, Ponte Vedra. Northeast Florida is hot, hot, hot.  It doesn’t hurt that Jacksonville is consistently included in a variety of articles about “Top places to move” “Top places to work” etc. etc. The buzz around our area is undeniable!

Now I need to add that I am not a practicing real estate professional. This is not a real estate professional analysis, yet a simple observation of a professional that practices within the industry. Sometimes a perspective can be refreshing to complement all of the numbers and figures that may be thrown at you regarding the real estate market.

If you were curious what home I was coming to market, it was a perfect rental property or first time homebuyer property in Bartram Springs.. I loved getting some fresh images of the community as well! It’s beautiful!


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