I want to help you sell your home! This section will explain what to expect and how to prepare.

Let’s make sure you home is ready to look phenomenal in pictures.


So you’ve decided to list your home. While it’s important for your home to look presentable WHILE it’s listed, it is absolutely critical for it to look its best for the listing shoot. These pictures are how your home will be presented for the duration of your home being listed (and often times even after it’s sold! But I guess it’s not yours at that point anyway :-P). Sometimes you become “immune” to certain types of clutter in the home because, well, you live there and see over it. I have put together a few things to help you prepare for my time in your home.

Photo shoots can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size of the house (and the amount of rearranging that needs to take place). Please make sure I will be able to have access for the duration of the shoot.

The more decluttering you can do, the better. I talk about this often: Packing to LIST is much different than Packing to MOVE! Go ahead and start boxing up “non-necessities” and start a pile of boxes in the garage. Unless you have something like a custom car lift or impressive Man Cave, I will most likely not be taking pictures in there!  My biggest suggestion for this is to find a couple of drawers throughout the house that have things that can easily be packed away and empty them. That way when you get the call for a showing, you have places to hide stuff to keep tabletops clear of debris.

Remove seasonal decorations and calendars.  These can be replaced post-shoot, but we want to remove any indication of time of year. For example, photos taken during the December Holidays will look “outdated ” while listed in January!

Remove magnets and pictures from the fridge.

Remove cars from the driveway.

Have yard freshly manicured, landscaped.

Remove *most* family photos. Picture frames from tabletops, mantles, etc. I say *most* because sometimes portraits play a key part in your decorating (often in the form of canvases)…..and THAT’S OK! Just Remember: these listing photos will be syndicated to thousands of websites and computer screens around the world.  If you don’t want your family’s picture there, pack them away.


Please email me directly at for a PDF version of the list to print out!